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Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

The lovely reminder from our dearest sis

The responses from the 3 siblings

Today marks a year my lovely sister got hitched with our lovely (now) brother in law.

Rewind back to a year back. 

It was the 1st marriage in our Wong's Family. Dad is the eldest among 5 siblings so naturally enough, Bernie should be the 1st one to get hitched in the Family and praise the Lord, she was blessed with her other half one year ago.
The Family was excited.

The Family was nervous.

The Family was stressed - especially Dad who was so anxious to get the guest list done up and Mom was the one who got chased by Dad to come out with her guest list. Mom, of course, pulled the Mom Stunt - I'll come out with my list at my time. LOL. My parents can look like kids who brawl over a toy and make up 5 minutes later! (*shaking head*)

Our darling brother, Skunky, flew all the way back from Sydney for the Big Day. He wouldn't missed it for the world. 

It was a family reunion. 

The Bride, OF COURSE, was stressed up to the top of her head preparing for her Big Day. Preparations were made at least a year ahead - where to shoot the pre-wedding pictures lah; where to get the perfect gown(S) lah (not just 1 but at least 3! If you are a woman, enough said); which TJC branch to hold the wedding ceremony lah; where to throw the wedding banquets lah (my brother in law is not from the same hometown as us so for a Chinese traditional wedding - our family is very traditional OK - so there's definitely no running away in throwing at least 2 wedding banquets and in our case, 3 wedding banquets!!); who to invite lah and the list can go on and on and on and on and on......

I think Bernie and Sid must have realised during the midst of the chaotic preparation, it's not just them who were getting married. The families were getting married! LOL!

Despite all, the Wedding was a blessing.

The Wedding was lovely.

The Wedding was wonderful.

Skunky broke into tears when he hugged her dearest sister during the tea ceremony. Aawwwww.. I couldn't forget the moment.

Grandma who didn't fly all her life, flew to Kota Kinabalu to attend the Wedding. It was a request too impossible to be fulfilled by Grandma but she did it out of her unconditional love for Bernie. Skunky said Grandma was nervous during the whole flight but managed to hang on throughout. Grandma, we love love love you to bits.

I thank God that He has blessed my dearest sister with a man who is so down to earth, who loves her, who takes care of her and the family; someone whom she is truly able to rely on.

Bernie and Sid, may God bless you two with over-flowing love for each other and faith strong enough to endure any kinds of obstacles that may come your way.

Happy Anniversary!!


Snapshots of the wedding ceremony - by Jeffrey Wong, All About Love Wedding Photography

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And their love story continues. . .

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