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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Only You

I was once hooked up with Hong Kong TVB series. During college times; during Uni times and even during my CLP times. I was off the hook when I started working, thank God.

Lately, I am back to the TVB era. It has been too long that I couldn't catch up with the TVB series; I was told that I was "outdated" that's why.

Frankly, I'm a selective TVB audience. I choose mystery, crime or law series to watch most of the time. Love and family stuff... nahhh, not my thang. Same goes to my selection of books to read. My mom did tell me for a couple of times that I should read love novels. I need some love. I need to get inspiration to love. Hehehe.. My mom has a heart of gold. From her, I learn how to love.

Contrary to my usual interest, I attempted to watch ONLY YOU which was highly recommended by my baby sister. I was cynical at first when she told me that the series is about love and marriage but I thought Oh what the hell. Let's give it a try lah.

To my surprise, I shed some tears during the midst of watching Episode 1! LOL! Hey, it's a touching scene about a mother's love! Okay I know it's just acting but the series did make me realise that love can come in all sorts of forms. It couldn't be planned or plotted or even explained. It just touches your heart with its wonderful magical way.

I received an unfavourable news today of someone that I have been missing for so long but I will not lose faith. I wish both of us well in our pursuit of happiness.

For those in love, love and respect your other half with all your heart and soul.
For those in search of love, don't lose faith. The love of your life will definitely find his/her way to your heart.

To all you lovelies out there - Only You.



jasmine said...

i have stopped TVB series for a bit too... was missing out on the US ones so had to catch up. but now ada junior masterchef some more. wah. need 48 hours in a day!

Larina said...

LOL! Yeah.. I couldn't catch up at all!! I looked at all the new series at the video store and have NO IDEA what they are all about. I'm so OUT!!