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Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's Cha Cha Cha

Honwai: Larina, do you know Chatime?
My answer: What is Chatime?

My colleague smirked at me. Suddenly I felt old.

Back at home, the first question I popped to my baby sister: "Vivian, have you heard of Chatime?"
She turned her head, looked at me scornfully and sarcastically exclaimed "Of courseeeee LAH, you don't know what is Chatime?? Yerrrrr." Instantly, I felt older.

The next day, I insisted to go try out this Chatime which has caused my reputation at stake! We have to follow up with the trend, ya know?

Chatime is one of the many bubbling Bubble Tea Companies in Malaysia. I think the only Bubble Tea Company I've visited in West Malaysia was Yippie Club and that was the only one time which I could barely recall how was the taste of its bubble tea. 

The only time that I would crave for Bubble Tea would be when I'm happily catching my flight back to Kota Kinabalu. Aahh.. I love Yoyo Bubble Tea.

So, when I head to Chatime with my colleagues, I had doubts about it. I thought it must the trend that caused people to rave about it.
We went to the branch in Uptown and to my disbelief, people were queuing up to make their purchases as if there was a great promo going on there.
Alrighty, we queued too! I definitely gotta taste it to see what good is this bubble tea that everyone is raving about.

There was a loooooong list of a variety of flavours and toppings for me to choose from. The traditional me, of course stick to the traditional order. The Roasted Milk Tea with pearl. A large cup of this choice costs RM6.90.

There's a one good thing about this bubble tea company - You could choose the percentage of sugar in your drink, your own choice of toppings and whether it goes with or without ice. Basically, you could customize your own drink.

My first sight of the finished product - Hmmm... the colour of it doesn't look too good.
My first sip of the drink - Emmmmmm... NICE! 

I love the aroma of the tea. Whoa, I thought to myself, this is not what I expected! And the pearl is chewy and tasty.

So far, I think I've broken my record of drinking bubble tea in West Malaysia. 7 times and still counting...


Sean said...

i've been resisting bubble tea for the longest time, but folks keep trying to get me to try chatime too. luck hasn't been on my side though: every time i've stepped up to the counter, they say they've run out of pearls. i was kinda hoping you'd say you hated chatime's tea, but gosh, it sounds like i really should make the effort to have some soon! :D

Larina said...

You should try it Sean! I've been having the exact same feeling - didn't have the urge to try it until my colleague kept buzzing like a bee bout it next to my ear :P
Turns out, I kinda like it! I haven't encountered "out of pearls" at the branches I've visited - Uptown and SS2 mall but I did encounter an "out of ice" situation before. LOL! Do tell me about it once you've tried it =)

jasmine said...

the queue at chatime is quite daunting leh. but yeah, there's one near my office now so hopefully easier to get my hands on some. :)

Larina said...

Jaz, how did you find chatime at subang's branch? There's another one near Starbucks at SS15 ya know? I'm still one of the regulars if you must know.. haha.. Another one has opened up at Aman Suria but I still preferred the Uptown branch. The pearls there taste much better!