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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A year after my best pal got married

My best pal, Angie a.k.a Chong got married on 1st October 2007. She is the first to become what the Chinese termed as "si lai" in our gang. LOL!
She is one of the smartest and kindest person I have ever known.  Mex is lucky to have her as his wife! I thank God with all my heart to have such a friend, a true friend whom I can count on through thick and thin. 
Through her, I learnt countless things. With her, we shared countless jokes.
Time passes by like a blink of an eye. Although she is a "si lai" now, I will definitely make sure she will be in tuned with our girls' activities.

My best pal. I love you

Monday, June 9, 2008


It's been quite some time since I had my last bite in durians.. Tonight, my babe bought me two durians! I love them!! The taste was... indescribable.. a trip down memory lane I would put it.. True, it stinks before, during and after the consumption of durians, but who cares?? LOL! Burp! Ooopss... :P

Today, at work. My respected Master asked us the difference between the word "expedient" and "expeditious". For a second, me and Azwa were exchanging glances and then there was silence. I think the silence meant "Ermmm.....we don't know? AND we are are sorry...?" The next thing we know, we were fumbling through the dictionary to find the answer!

Alright and I quote "expedient" - useful; necessary VS "expeditious"- hasty. Mr Tan pointed out the mistake that lawyers tend to make (he emphasised on the word lawyers because I think he finds it irritating for lawyers to make such a mistake) as he received countless letters stating "please reply expediently" when it should be "please reply expeditiously". Bad grammar/bad English is intolerable in the eyes of our Mr Tan.

It is Mr Tan's birthday today and we knew it only today! I overheard Gideon wishing his dad Happy Birthday when he entered his room. Me and Azwa only thereafter rushed down to the florist to buy a card and a sunflower as a gift to Mr Tan.

Well, I took a good 10 minutes to think of what to pen down on the card and another good 10 minutes to write it down as I need to make sure my English was perfect! =P

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A lazy sunday

It's Sunday! A day of rest and catching up on personal activities..yet it's also a day which reminds us of work on Monday! I tend to wonder to myself Why does the term "Monday blues" exist? Must it be a norm that every Sunday especially at nightfall, we'll have this heart-wrenching feeling towards the arrival of Monday?

Sometimes I wish Monday has another name and we no longer have to dread it.