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Friday, April 13, 2012

It's a Doggy Affair

Humans and dogs.

Humans and pets. What is the correlation between the 2 subjects? The connection. The bond.

Is is true that one who loves pets is more loving and kind in nature as compared to those who don't? Is it true that one who doesn't really love pets or the idea of rearing a pet be it a dog/hamster/rabbit/guinea pig/anything furry that moves, is deemed to be unloving or lack the ability of expressing love?

I'm not really a pet lover but for the record, I don't resent them. I just don't fancy the idea of rearing them or living with them. I may sound conclusive but I might rear a dog some day. One day. If that day ever comes. LOL.
Reason? Oh there are reason(s).

For one, I stay in a condominium. Enough said, right? Yeah, as if people follow the rules (I know) but I couldn't tolerate the idea of rearing a dog in my 1,442 square feet apartment. A dog needs space and fresh air. I need the fresh air! A dog doesn't know how to go to my toilet, place my toilet seat down, take his poo, and flush the toilet, right? A dog doesn't know how to pick up his hair or wipe off his saliva. God knows when and where he wants to poo or pee and I would have to spend most of my time cleaning his poo and pee when I don't even have enough time for myself. Not to forget I would need to bathe him regularly and pick up his hair which drops so much as if he's been eating too much salt. Also, I don't really fancy the idea having saliva all over my feet or skin especially after I've showered. No, thank you.

I remember someone told me before that if he rears a dog, it'll make him more "homely" and "settled-down" 'cos he'll be spending most of his time with his dog. Well, he gave away his dog in less than a month.

I have a number of dogs back at my hometown. My baby sister lovesss them to bits. She'll play with them every evening. Yes, my baby sister is just so cute and adorable. She always despises me for not showing love or affection to her dogs. Even my dad who didn't show any affection for pets since the last 20 years I've known him, has started to love the dogs at our home and will beam whenever he talks about them. My baby sister has been yearning to rear a dog in our home at PJ ever since she started staying here. I love her to bits but nope, this is one request that I can never fulfil. I gave in to rearing hamsters (at least they don't run around the house and they don't smell) but well, they had all gone to heaven now.. Frankly, I don't deny that I'm kinda relieved that they were gone.. At least, my house is clean and fresh and I don't have to worry about feeding them and cleaning them and finding hamster-sitters when I'm away for the weekend!

Yesterday was the Chin Brothers' (my hometown buddies) dog's birthday. It was Luke's 4th birthday. They knew I'm not a pet person but I was still invited to Luke's birthday celebration. Of course I attended lah. Luke is a pug. He's naturally ugly in the face but he's adorably ugly, if you get what I mean. LOL!! They pre-ordered a custom-made cake especially for Luke and KS Chin, who flew back from China the night before (he denied that he came back to Malaysia to celebrate Luke's birthday) bought an automatic feeding machine for Luke!

Pros and Cons?

I don't deny that having a dog can actually lighten up someone (judging from my observation of my baby sister, my parents and the Chin Brothers). I read it somewhere that rearing a dog can actually lower one's chances of having depression, which in other words, you can live longer happier. Yeah, rearing a dog is fun. Definitely. You have a loyal companion, someone who will listen to you no matter what grandmother stories you want to share or problems (that your friends are sick of hearing) that you want to repeatedly express (not that he has a choice or he could actually bark "no" to you), someone who will greet you at your door everytime you come home (I bet not even your spouse is bothered to do so), someone who is willing to play silly games with you whenever you are bored. Hey, the saying "A man's best friend is his dog" doesn't just appear without justification! I do agree. I do.

But if I were to work a full-time job (which very often passes the normal working hours) and I don't have time to cook a proper decent meal for myself or attend my gym classes regularly but have to rush home to feed my dog who might have pee-ed and poo-ed everywhere, sorry, I can't do it. To me, the weighing scale tilts in favour of the cons right now.

I think I'll wait till I moved to a bungalow with a huge lovely garden where my dog can jump and run and roll as much as he likes AND with a maid at my aid, to consider the idea of rearing a dog.

Till then, I'll just live with being stereotyped as a cold-blooded, lack of affection human. Amen.

Happy Birthday Luke!
KS Chin lighting up the candle
Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo (We were humming the Happy Birthday song)
Luke chomping down his cake but of course, he was not allowed to finish it due to weight issues :P