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Monday, February 14, 2011


This is my first year after 3 years to spend V-Day alone. Not literally of course. Being "alone" on V-day would definitely mean you do not have your other half, be it boyfriend or husband, to celebrate with you. Personally, I do not find it bitter although contrary to some of my friends, spending V-day alone is miserable/pathetic even.
I find it surprisingly comfortable, given that I do not have to shop for the perfect dress at least weeks before and to watch my weight so as to squeeze into the perfect dress; and to not only spend hours setting my hair, painting my face + slathering my body with the smoothest moisturiser in preparation for this night with the hope of assuring my man that he has made the right choice in asking this girl sitting across him out for a V-day dinner.
Having said that, I did secretly wonder what if a guy (not a boyfriend) asked me out for a V-day dinner? Will I say yes and will it be fun? I chose to answer both questions positively. It could be fun. The thought of having a V-day dinner with a guy who is not a boyfriend for the very least gives me an accelerated pump of heartbeat. Yet, this what if thought in my head never materialised.
My crazzayyy gang!
I am now waiting for my fellow friends to crash my home. Obviously these fellow friends are the singletons who are not obligated to spend the night with their other halves! Our plan is to have a whole night game of mahjong/cards playing + beer. Thank God tomorrow is a public holiday!