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Sunday, December 11, 2011

When Skunky and Mama were in Town

Things that we did when Skunky and Mama were in town (inter alia) :-

posing.. yeah, don't judge us
Korean Dinner at Hobahn's, Desa Parkcity
Road trip to Melaka and Seremban
Starbucks, Snowflake and Chatime break
shopping, eating and goofing around

Basically, we did nothing significant! Life is bliss =)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Return of our Skunky

Waiting is a bore. Anticipation is an agony.

Those were my add-up feelings for the return of our prince in the family, my brother, Arthur a.k.a The Skunk.

My brother is pursuing his studies in Sydney and didn't return home for the summer break last year i.e. he missed the Chinese New Year break with the family. (No one in the family ever misses the Chinese-New-Year-back-to-home-holiday-break. Yeah, we are definitely one traditional family.)

So, on the 1st day of December 2011, the day has arrived. Mom flew from Sandakan on the 5.45 p.m. flight. Skunky was scheduled to touch down KLIA around 9.10 p.m.

Dad was already in KL and he had insisted for all of us to pick up Mom and Skunky together in our teeny tiny li'l car. So, Vivian and I picked him up at 7 p.m. We reached KLIA around 8-ish. (Yeah, we were early.) We parked our car and decided to wait at the arrival hall to greet him. Who still waits at the arrival hall nowadays?? Tour guide maybe yes lah. Anyway, Vivian even made a name board to greet him!

I went to look at the departure/arrival board a couple of times. Finally, at 9.15 p.m, it showed the flight from Sydney as "LANDED".

9.30 p.m.... (tick tock tick tock)
9.45 p.m.... (Okay, there's a bunch of people coming out. No sign of him.)

10.00 p.m... (Ehh..a young guy coming out. Nope, not him.)


Mom came out from the domestic arrival hall and waited together.

10.15 p.m... (Eh eh.. another bunch of people..still no sign of him.)

10.30 p.m... (A young man coming out.. is that him? .. Yes YES YESSSS!!! That's him!!!! Mom and Vivian practically shouted out for his name! LOL!)

Finally, our Skunky is home! There is definitely the presence of tears of joy among us.

Snapshots of our wait:-