Whimsical city

Monday, June 9, 2008


It's been quite some time since I had my last bite in durians.. Tonight, my babe bought me two durians! I love them!! The taste was... indescribable.. a trip down memory lane I would put it.. True, it stinks before, during and after the consumption of durians, but who cares?? LOL! Burp! Ooopss... :P

Today, at work. My respected Master asked us the difference between the word "expedient" and "expeditious". For a second, me and Azwa were exchanging glances and then there was silence. I think the silence meant "Ermmm.....we don't know? AND we are are sorry...?" The next thing we know, we were fumbling through the dictionary to find the answer!

Alright and I quote "expedient" - useful; necessary VS "expeditious"- hasty. Mr Tan pointed out the mistake that lawyers tend to make (he emphasised on the word lawyers because I think he finds it irritating for lawyers to make such a mistake) as he received countless letters stating "please reply expediently" when it should be "please reply expeditiously". Bad grammar/bad English is intolerable in the eyes of our Mr Tan.

It is Mr Tan's birthday today and we knew it only today! I overheard Gideon wishing his dad Happy Birthday when he entered his room. Me and Azwa only thereafter rushed down to the florist to buy a card and a sunflower as a gift to Mr Tan.

Well, I took a good 10 minutes to think of what to pen down on the card and another good 10 minutes to write it down as I need to make sure my English was perfect! =P

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A lazy sunday

It's Sunday! A day of rest and catching up on personal activities..yet it's also a day which reminds us of work on Monday! I tend to wonder to myself Why does the term "Monday blues" exist? Must it be a norm that every Sunday especially at nightfall, we'll have this heart-wrenching feeling towards the arrival of Monday?

Sometimes I wish Monday has another name and we no longer have to dread it.