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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Melbourne, baby, burn!


Approximately 7 months after my trip to Perth, I descended to the second state of Australia - Victoria it is.

My bestie, Mabel bought AirAsia return air tickets to Melbourne for only RM850.00 each for herself, myself and Cikgu Tung (her aunt). Talking about sealing a good deal huh? Oh well, yeah, we bought the tickets much much earlier :>

Mabel's darling cousin, Sharon (Cikgu Tung's daughter), is staying and working in Melbourne. So....

1. free accommodation [check];
2. free local tour guide [check].

And indeed, she was a fantastic host cum tour guide. She had everything well planned for us.

To me, Melbourne is a heaven of cafes. No kiddin'. For coffee lovers, Melbourne is the place to go! (Although I must stress that you'll need a local to bring you to the hidden gems. Thank you, Sharon!)

Below are some snapshots and compilations (way too many to share everything) I made during my trip in Melbourne. Enjooooy!

A warm welcome upon landing
Breakfast of corn fritters, salmon and mushroom at Mart Cafe located at Middlepark 130 Tram Station. Loved it!! 

A stroll along St Kilda beach under the drizzle after our brunch
Yarra River

Sharon, me and Mabel at Hosier Lane - the back alley of artworks!
Some of the many interesting graffiti at Hosier Lane

Federation Square 
(where you can sit in the middle of an open space and nobody finds it weird..)
Me and Mabel taking an ASSAM teabreak at Federation Square :)

Flinders Street Station

Brunch with big juicy bacon and poached eggs at St. Ali

Cappuccino break at Middle Fish, a cosy Thai infused cafe

Savouring crocodile meat and emu sausages at Gypsey and Musquitoes

Coffee break after shopping at Queen Victoria Market

The many many roadsigns to choose from at Queen Victoria Market

Impressive coffee art at Manchester Press

Our day trip to Mornington

Fresh strawberries for picking at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm!
And of course, scones with strawberry jam 

and strawberry sundae must be ordered :)
Our driver cum tour guide Mr Addison Tay ;-)
Oh yeah, did I mention he's our Model-Of-The-Day too?

I don't know whether he managed to impress you all..[long pause]

Beautiful boathouses along Brighton beach

Another new friend that I met, Woon Jee :)
(and she's from my hometown! Speaking of a small world, huh?)
We were posing, hopping and cracking laughs at Rosebud Pier

Strolling along Brighton beach

Enjoying the sunset at Mornington Pier

Sinfully delicious Eclair to die for at Dr Dre!
A must visit to South Melbourne Market
Eye-catching irresistable macarons and pastries

Churrrrosss time!!!

Enjoying Madame Brussel's Double D Cups of Vermouth & Gin.
Refreshing under the sun! Aaaahhh~
Fruit Gelati for dessert! Loved the durian flavour!
Brunch of spaghetti and crispy pork 
at Degraves Espresso, Degraves Street
A visit to the Victoria State Library, nope, we didn't go in :P

Wokay, who left her purse in the middle of the city?

Handmade jewelleries and accessories to die for 
in South Melbourne Market!

A visit to the Melbourne Zoo
Mt Dandenong - 
Can you spot the lovely ladies in the lovely flowers??
A break with warm scones and delicious jam 
at Ms Marples, Mt Dandenong
I loved the Sticky Date (the picture at the bottom right)
at Pie in the Sky, Mt Dandenong
We wanna fly .. flyy.. flyyyy at Mt Dandenong ;p

We are sitting on Igor's chair!

Delicious Peking Duck at Simon's Peiking Duck Chinese Restaurant
The dimsum in Shark Fin House is delicious!! No kiddin'
Warm pancake with caramel apple filling at Stokers.
We waited for nearly an hour for the pancake!
Nice? yes. Worth the wait? Err..
And it was awfully dark inside..
I could hardly see the person sitting in front of me!

Gosh, there still too many places that I have yet to explore in Melbourne.. I'll be back yeah? :>

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Project by Larina

Post Melbourne and post Bali - 1 word - exhausted.

Thank God it's a Sunday and I got to recuperate. I think I lost my backbone today. I  just want to lie down on my bed and slowly . . . progress to my couch later in the day. LOL!

But still, I didn't want to waste my Sunday being a lazy worm (although it's pretty satisfying doing so) so I decided to make a couple of button earring/ring boxes, which I have made one for myself awhile ago.

The tools needed for this simple project are as follows:-
1. A recycled box which is too cute to throw away;
2. An old t-shirt which you no longer wish to wear;
3. Pieces of foam paddings which you can get from the casings of your electronics. Otherwise, collect them from any IT shop nearby you. I'm sure they are more than willing to dispose of them!;
4. Scissors;
5. Glue;
6. Needles and threads.

the necessary tools to start my project

Foam paddings I collected "free of charge" from the IT shop below my office! A good way to recycle aye?

Wrap the foam padding with your old black t-shirt which you've cut into pieces (I personally chose black colour as it will bring out the colour of your accessories :>)and secure it with threads and glue. Another good way to recycle your old t-shirt! Yay!
The completed box!

And another one.

This is the box from Starbucks containing mooncakes before this. This will be my gift to my Sis, Bernie who is a Starbucks maniac! LOL!

My collection of button earrings

The cost of this project? Zero! Or should I say - priceless (*cheeky grin*)