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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Magical Touch

An attempt worth trying. To me, at least.
I love to write. I dream to write. 
Thank you Lina for allowing me to dream.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sekeping Serendah

We made it to the legendary Glass House at Sekeping Serendah.

Finally. After failing to execute the plan for the past 2 years? Thanks to our trip organiser, Jasmine, we made it!

It was a long weekend with Labour Day on role, we planned a 2 days "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" trip to Penang and the last day of bonding with nature at the Glass House, Serendah. 

Driver: Jasmine.
Passenger next to the Driver (who should also be the co-driver/map reader/Driver's assistant but provenly failed to be so) : Larina.
Passengers at the 2nd row: Chan Lek and Leanne (who drove all the way from JB).
Passengers at the 3rd row: Feiyi (who flew all the way from KK) and Karen (who flew all the way from HK and who had to endure a painstakingly 3 hours of flight delay + a 4 hour journey in the plane which she claimed her life could be lost anytime due to extreme bad weather).
Guests of Honour: Eeyoung (who flew all the way from Los Angeles) and Nianshin (who followed Eeyoung's car all the way from Klang to join us at the Glass House).

Praise Lord, they all reached safe and sound and we successfully executed the plan only suffering from the post-trip effect of bowel upset, sore throat, fever and flu. We should have popped Vitamin C pills during the trip but all we could think of was char keowteow, asam laksa, luk luk, popiah, chee cheong fun, kopi ais, lobak, seafood, etc etc. . .

Penang Food
Dessert and Pastry!
The Crew

This trip to Penang was a dejavu to me. I basically repeated the itinerary in the trip I had last year which I've blogged at Massive Piggin' Out at Penang, only this time, a longer version with a different gang. LOL! 

What's new in the plate was the Glass House. We reached there at nightfall so I couldn't really have a tour of the area except hanging out at the Glass House. What's this Glass House all about? Well, the name speaks for itself. It's made of glass. Not really everything, mind you. Just the doors and windows. It's like staying in the middle of the woods with the sounds of crickets as your snooze melody, which didn't work well for our dear Karen 'coz she was complaining that the crickets were humming the same tune repeatedly which was driving her mad. LOL! The rest of us? Slept like a baby. It was a double storey bungalow - living, kitchen and bath downstairs whilst the beds are upstairs. There are no partitions for the beds so basically all of us had to sleep together gether.

Night view of the bedding area
Morning view
trees hovering over the Glass House
the living area. Check out the seats!
a shot from the open porch
the signboard which we could barely see

There was not much to do at the Glass House, no TV or any sort of entertainment gadgets provided unless we brought our own. It's supposed to be a place for retreat anyway, so we are supposed to drop the gadgets and enjoy bonding with the nature for a change. I wouldn't complain. It was chilly and breezy. There was an open porch at the entrance to the Glass House. We set up the BBQ pit the moment we reached and barbequed the stuff we bought. Had a good time catching up with the gang. It would be great if we could lie on the porch and watch the stars! Yes, we laid on the porch but the trees blocked our sight of the sky.

Eeyoung and Chanlek, the 2 macho men of the night to do the dirty work :P
the mandatory group photo. Thanks to Leanne for being the photographer!

The only thing that we dreaded during our stay in the Glass House was not the silence or the boredom. It's mosquitoes!! Luckily we were prepared with insect repellant which we sprayed to our feet like nobody's business and lighted mosquito coils all around the house. 
Feiyi preparing the food while I'm preparing the mosquito coil :P

The bath in the Glass House was quite ermm... interesting (the polite way to put it). It's open-air and it looks old. I think that's the concept. Old faucets and old shower head. Counter top basins made out of bricks. Yellow lit bulbs. Do not imagine a luxurious session of bubble bath. I thought the open-air concept was kinda insecure to me. What if a monkey suddenly jumps in from nowhere? But then again, I'm in the woods. Duh! So, best is to get it over and done with as fast as possible.

Also, alarmingly, people outside could actually look into the bath if they were standing at the staircase (although not the toilet bowl area, but the gap between the toilet bowl and the shower area. More so, if I chose not to draw the shower curtains, people could see me bathing!) Hello?? We are open but not that open, in'nit?
the shower area. Shot by Jasmine

The night spent at the Glass House was relaxing and chilling. It's basically the literal translation of the Malay word "Sedap"(exclamation mark)!! Feiyi enjoyed her sleep so much that she didn't want to wake up in the morning. LOL! After a cup of coffee and moments pacing around the house with eyes still half opened, we went for a dip at the pool. The dip was divine. Cool and refreshing! Just me, Karen and Jasmine went for the dip. Feiyi was still in her sleeping mode :P

Coffee + mini egg tarts as brekkie
our Zen moment
my Zen moment
Feiyi's Zen moment. LOL!
Swim, baby, swim!
Tummy growling after our morning swim, Jasmine cooked us a hearty brunch while we took turns to bathe. Aaahh... what more could we ask for? A great weekend getaway, indeed.

Bacon and sunny side up? smile pleasee
Toast and scrambled eggs