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Monday, November 21, 2011

Massive piggin' out at Penang

OMG. Read my lips : Oh ma.aaa gaawwd.

That's what they can make out of when I returned from my trip to Penang. I realise our human bodies can actually take more than we can consume. Don't ask me why. We can just magically do so (*sly grin*)

I received a 7.15 a.m whassap message from Jasmine saying she's on the way to pick me up. I was fumbling over to get ready, still half asleep :P 20 mins later, I'm on my way to Penang with Jasmine and two newly-met friends, Yuin and Li Tsin.

This trip is definitely what I'd described as: Makan all the way UP and Makan all the way DOWN.

1st stop - Bidor for wantan mee + yam pastry + kopi.

wantan mee
just out of the wok yam pastry
yam pastry with pork filling

2nd stop - Ipoh for tau fu fah + kopi + satay + chee cheong fan + char keow teow. Yuin bought a packet of 3-in-1 durian flavoured coffee. Okay, I'm a durian lover and a coffee lover. But the two of them mixed together? Weeeelllllll... I couldn't imagine. LOL!

Funny Mountain's soft and smooth tau fu fah
Pork satay
chee cheong fun with curry gravy
original chee cheong fun
caramel custard - order fast before it finished!

3rd stop - Penang for asam laksa + apom + rojak + char keow teow + kopi ais + luk luk + pork sandwich + fried oyster omelette + popiah+ food that I can't remember but had eaten :P

Asam Laksa at Air Itam Market
Hawker stalls
fried oyster omelette
pointy seashells?
popiah with crab meat filling. Yummy!
Uncle Apom - pancake with banana filling
Apom - 40 cents per piece
char keow teow
luk luk at Pulau Tikus
kopi ais - SEDAP!

We stayed overnight at a nice li'l heritage house-turned-hotel called Dwell situated at Bangkok Lane. There are 3 rooms in the house and a small kitchen with complimentary coffee and tea. We booked the two rooms upstairs and were lucky that the room downstairs was unoccupied during our stay i.e. we get the whole house to ourselves! *wink*

the heritage houses along Bangkok Lane
Dwell - house turned lodging
checking in at the lobby, Palanquinn
master bedroom
master bath
master bedroom - quite an "opened" concept

We brewed a cup of the 3-in-1 durian flavoured coffee to satisfy our taste buds' curiosity. Well, it's not as bad as I imagined but still, it feels weird. You know what I mean? Your coffee tastes durian-y. Halo?? Anyway, the remaining packets are safely tucked in my kitchen cabinet now so for those who are curious of how it tastes, feel free to buzz me and we'll have a cuppa durian coffee at me home!

durian coffee, anyone?

I think our eating spree finally came to an end at around 11 pm that night. Phew.

The next day dawned with a spread of hot breakfast on the wooden dining table bought by the early risers, Jasmine and Yuin. Hot pancakes + pork porridge + roast pork + roast duck + mee siam. We obviously could not finish all the food.

peanut pancake
mee siam
roast pork
roast duck

AND the makan spree continues.

We went for Penang's famous cendol after that. LOL! I wouldn't say it's great, seriously. I'd prefer the cendol in Melaka - richer and creamier.
the famous Penang Cendol - I think it's overrated
4 bowls for the 4 hungry ghosts - Are we really hungry? Can't tell.

Jasmine brought us to this quaint li'l cafe that I'm loving to bits. Amelie Cafe located at Armenian Street. You can barely notice it with all the leaves deco hovering over it. It is a small cafe operated by a couple - the husband cooks (*envy*) whilst the wife coordinates.

Amelie Cafe
It says "No Photograph" but who can resist? :P

the small kitchen
the decos in Amelie
tomato based spaghetti
custard pudding with plum sauce - Nice!
Bacon burger
cool artworks
Can you spot Amelie?

With all the food which has yet to digest in our stomachs, we decided to stroll along the streets checking out the heritage houses and shops. Yup, under the hot sun but can't complain lah - I'm a "tourist" afterall.


walking along the streets in Penang
old buildings are Penang's trademark
blue sky
different faces? LOL!

Time to head back home. Had we had enough? Are you kiddin' me?! We are on a makan-all-the-way-up and makan-all-the-way-down trip! Of course NOT lah.:D

crossing Penang bridge back to KL
We stopped at Tambun for seafood. The food was not exactly bad but the company we had de-flavoured everything. FLIES!! *GROSS!*

This is my 1st time tasting this creature - ain't good.
salty egg crabs
steamed fish

Final stop, Ipoh again for chicken rice. We can choose home-reared chickens which have firmer meat and less fats or factory-reared chickens which have tender meat and more fats.

Ipoh chicken
chicken gizzards
In summary, that was one hell of a MASSIVE piggin' out trip (I have to emphasize that the abovementioned food were consumed in just 2 days time)!

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