Whimsical city

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The long overdue retreat to Awanmulan has finally been fulfilled by me and the girls. Normal rate for a house of 6-7 is RM1,200/night. Thanks to Jasmine (who is a regular), we made it there at a 30% discounted price! :D

Check out our lodging wrapped in the heart of the greeneries. 
Can you spot Ning? :>
Ooh, a hammock! the 1st thing that caught my eye
Cherien and Catherine warming up their spot
Who's that sexy yogi-wannabe? 
One of the bedrooms in Awanmulan
One of the lovely kitchens in Awanmulan
So the activities to start with...
Taking a dip of course!

One of the smaller pools 
The water's salty. I wonder why..
That's me!

The girls!

A selfie of the groupie is a must!
Followed by....
Food, of course!

Fried meehoon and salad by Ning. Omelette by Cherien.

Egg tarts "tapao-ed" by our Jasmine! 
who reached Awanmulan only at 7pm. 
She was like our saviour. LOL 
Yam cake homemade by Jasmine's aunt. Yummehhhh~
Mussels cooked by Jasmine
Alcohol is a must for Ning :D
The chefs, Jasmine and Ning
More food!
And then followed by..
Erm.. Nothing.

Lol, it's true. There's no TV, Hi Fi or radio in the house. We could still access the outside world via 3G but depending on where you were standing. Heard of Chipsmore's commercial ad "Now you see it, now you don't"? The 3G signal was sumthing like that .. only it's "Now you get it, now you don't".

It was not too bad of a without-electronic-entertainment-kind-of-situation. Jasmine did bring along her mini ipad with a few episodes of TVB series to keep the girls entertained whilst I had some good catching up session with Jasmine :-) 
Best part of all, I got to catch up on my SLEEP. Yup, I slept at 10pm! It was chilly - sleeping in the middle of greeneries - no aircon needed atall

The bed that I shared with Ning who was wrestling with the mosquito netting in the middle of the night. LOL

Wokeup fresh the next morning at 7am and the girls were ready to cook breakfast. I, of course, enjoyed being pampered.. waiting to eat only :D 

Breakfast with such a view - that's life!
Hearty brekkie with the girls

After we were done with breakfast and after a couple of hours of doing nothing :D, we took another dip in the bigger pool!

Loved the colour of the windows!

Fresh morning!
Check out the lovely pool. Dont'chu wish to just dive in?

Supposed to be an infinity pool :)
As usual, I'll be the last one to get wet
The girls, ready to dive in
Group selfie!
Hmm.. checking out those lovelies hanging on top of the trees..
Durians!! If only they were ready to be harvested..
Girls will always be girls.
Couldn't help..

having one heck of a good time! XOXO