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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The long overdue retreat to Awanmulan has finally been fulfilled by me and the girls. Normal rate for a house of 6-7 is RM1,200/night. Thanks to Jasmine (who is a regular), we made it there at a 30% discounted price! :D

Check out our lodging wrapped in the heart of the greeneries. 
Can you spot Ning? :>
Ooh, a hammock! the 1st thing that caught my eye
Cherien and Catherine warming up their spot
Who's that sexy yogi-wannabe? 
One of the bedrooms in Awanmulan
One of the lovely kitchens in Awanmulan
So the activities to start with...
Taking a dip of course!

One of the smaller pools 
The water's salty. I wonder why..
That's me!

The girls!

A selfie of the groupie is a must!
Followed by....
Food, of course!

Fried meehoon and salad by Ning. Omelette by Cherien.

Egg tarts "tapao-ed" by our Jasmine! 
who reached Awanmulan only at 7pm. 
She was like our saviour. LOL 
Yam cake homemade by Jasmine's aunt. Yummehhhh~
Mussels cooked by Jasmine
Alcohol is a must for Ning :D
The chefs, Jasmine and Ning
More food!
And then followed by..
Erm.. Nothing.

Lol, it's true. There's no TV, Hi Fi or radio in the house. We could still access the outside world via 3G but depending on where you were standing. Heard of Chipsmore's commercial ad "Now you see it, now you don't"? The 3G signal was sumthing like that .. only it's "Now you get it, now you don't".

It was not too bad of a without-electronic-entertainment-kind-of-situation. Jasmine did bring along her mini ipad with a few episodes of TVB series to keep the girls entertained whilst I had some good catching up session with Jasmine :-) 
Best part of all, I got to catch up on my SLEEP. Yup, I slept at 10pm! It was chilly - sleeping in the middle of greeneries - no aircon needed atall

The bed that I shared with Ning who was wrestling with the mosquito netting in the middle of the night. LOL

Wokeup fresh the next morning at 7am and the girls were ready to cook breakfast. I, of course, enjoyed being pampered.. waiting to eat only :D 

Breakfast with such a view - that's life!
Hearty brekkie with the girls

After we were done with breakfast and after a couple of hours of doing nothing :D, we took another dip in the bigger pool!

Loved the colour of the windows!

Fresh morning!
Check out the lovely pool. Dont'chu wish to just dive in?

Supposed to be an infinity pool :)
As usual, I'll be the last one to get wet
The girls, ready to dive in
Group selfie!
Hmm.. checking out those lovelies hanging on top of the trees..
Durians!! If only they were ready to be harvested..
Girls will always be girls.
Couldn't help..

having one heck of a good time! XOXO

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sydney is where my heart is. Or at least till today :P

One of the vintage postcards I scouted at The Rocks Market

Just flew back to Malaysia after a mere 9 days in Sydney with the family for my brother's graduation. Too short of a time to really get to know the life as a Sydneysider or practise the lifestyle of one :P The weather was lovely during my visit - 20 to 25 degree celcius with warm sun and cool breeze.

The family with brother on his graduation day at UTS

We rented a 1 bedroom apartment at Poplar Street, Surry Hills for the cost of AUD1,910.00 for the said 9 days. Honestly, it isn't a good idea if you are staying with a big family of 5 like mine! But anyway, we didn't mind - my family is always a fan of the idea of "staying cosy together" anyway. LOL

We spent the first 2 days roaming in the city, mostly at Chinatown where the Market City and Paddys Market are. Purchased a whole load of souvenir items at Paddys Market. Tourist fever. I regretted not having visited the letterpress studio, The Distillery, that I planned to visit, thinking I'd still have more time...but until the day I left.. I didn't get the chance. Sobs..

Ahh.. the warm Sydney sun
Flowers blooming at Hyde Park
Me and mama enjoying the sun at Hyde Park
Spotted a huge snail at Hyde Park :)
Market City
Paddy's Market
Salt and pepper deep fried calamari - our favourite finger food :>
Central Station
An 80 year old Korean performer at China Town
We took the train from Central Station to Circular Quay station. Of course, to snap pictures of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. And I'm pretty happy to have visited the Rocks Market which was opened only in the weekends and purchased some pretty cool vintage postcards and handmade coasters. I wished to have purchased more!! And we took the ferry out to Manly Beach. The crowd was quite overwhelming but the beach was lovely.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Check out the climbers at Harbour Bridge.
 I wanted to climb the bridge too but it cost AUD300/person to do so - with sunset view :)
Night view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Night view of Sydney Harbour Bridge
The view at Manly
Manly Beach
Not a bad view at Manly :)
Cool handmade coasters I scouted from The Rocks Market
Funny coasters I scouted from Hunter Valley
Vintage postcards that I heart 
Sydney Fish Market is of course another must go place in Sydney to enjoy fresh seafood and fresh oysters. Yumm yummmehh~

Arriving at Sydney Fish Market by bus from Central Station
Seafood galore
The 3rd day was spent at Taronga Zoo. The zoo is huge and we didn't manage to cover the whole place 'coz we reached in the afternoon and the zoo closes at 5pm.. Bummer.. And the entrance fee cost AUD44/person! (Yeah, I'm converting to Ringgit Malaysia so... of course I felt the pinch!)

The Family at Taronga Zoo
Me and my baby sis and brother :P

We went to Hunter Valley the following day. A trip to Australia without a visit to the suburbs is like never a trip to Australia before, innit? Loved the suburbs. We visited a couple of wineries and bought a couple of bottles of Moscato. Heehee..  Followed by a visit to the Smelly Cheese Factory and the Chocolate Factory.

Enjoying my moment at Hunter Valley
The bro and sis acting silly with their chocolates
Cute penguin chocolates
Dad was asking: "Why do we want to pose with the truck?!" Hahaha
Acting pro in wine tasting
Posing at the Hunter Valley Gardens
My bro's turn to pose
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4!
My whole family has been to Blue Mountains and initially, no one wanted to go again. Apparently, seeing the 3 Sisters once in your lifetime is sufficient. LOL. But given that I haven't been there myself and couldn't find a friend to go with me (my two Sydney friends are either working or not keen to go again either), my family was obligated to accompany me to go again.

Can you spot the 3 Sisters?
The world's steepest railway?
 Check out the passengers hahaha
My baby sis attempting the long flight of stairs
My turn 
Mama, me and Vivian - Don't we look like 3 sisters? :>>

I love Bondi. No doubt 'bout it. The blue sea and the blue sky.. gosh.. heart-catching!

We were very lucky to receive the generous hospitality extended by my parents' highschool friend, Aunty Judy who brought us to Watsons Bay, Dover Heights, La Perouse and Bondi Beach.

Tai chi master and Yogi wannabe 
Hmmmm... let's enjoy the sun at Dover' Heights
Pa, ma and Aunt Judy
How's our pose? lol
Fantastic view at La Perouse
Another great view at Watsons Bay
Lovely day for brunch
My hearty brunch

Lovely day at La Perouse
A lovely cafe - The Book Kitchen

In carnivorous mode at Hurricane's Grill

Night view at Darling Harbour
Night view at Luna Park -
we didn't get to ride the rides though :P

And credits must be given to 2 of my friends residing in Sydney - for their wonderful hospitality in bringing me out for dinner and showing me some of the colours in Sydney :-)

Mr Christopher Foo! 
Enjoying my waffle at Max Brenner!

Mr Ryan Wong! 
Enjoying my Medina gelato and Zumbarons!!
I love love the macarons from Adriano Zumbo!

Gosh, I miss Sydney. There are still lots of places yet to be explored.