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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Phuket, the Pearl of Thailand

I was in the middle of work when Cherrian Chu called me out of sudden to tell me that Air Asia was having its promo again. CHEAP TICKETS!!! Yes, I could imagine that was her expression over the phone. "LET'S GO TO PHUKET!!!" she exclaimed. How could I turn down such an enthusiastic invitation? The tickets cost no more than RM250.00 per person. And so I said YES.

It was October 2010 when she bought the tickets. Our tickets to Phuket were bound for 24-26 July 2011. Time passed by scarily swift. It was a month before our trip and we managed to pull Feiyi and Carmen onboard. Yay!


I love the beach. Always have. So, I was quite excited to have a sunny holiday by the beach with the girls. (I did pray that Tsunami doesn't hit Phuket again.)

Please take note of Tsunami evacuation route!
Nothing much to shop in Phuket except t-shirts, shorts and bikinis

For those who have stepped their feet in anywhere in Thailand, I bet you would be familiar with the oversupply of tour companies offering you various types of tour packages during your stay in Thailand once you walked pass immigration.
Of course, we were no exception. We bought bought a one day round trip to Phi Phi Island inclusive of snorkelling + gear + lunch for nearly RM180.00 per person. Worth it? Let's see.

We stayed at The Royal Palm Beach Front Hotel which was located right by Patong Beach. It was convenient - walking distance to the night markets nearby and not to mention the "Red Light District" of Phuket. No Tuk Tuk rides needed - just a few blocks away. Breakfast was provided and the rooms were clean. We booked for 2 rooms for the same price but turned out Feiyi and Carmen's room was not as good as ours and they had an air-conditioning malfunction during the last day of their stay! For me, no complaints for this hotel. WiFi service is available but only at the lobby. Bummer!

Patong Beach. RM10.00 to "rent" the lazy chairs

Me, Cher and Car

The next morning, I was expecting a full day of basking under the SUN, SUN and SUN. Or at least a view of the blue sky and blue sea at Phi Phi Island but to my dismay, the sky was GLOOMY and it was drizzling!! Arghhhhhhh I thought to myself OKAY, the sun would probably show its presence later. It was still drizzling when we reached Phi Phi Island. We had no choice but to continue with our snorkelling, which we had paid for.
It was only mid-day when we disembarked at Phi Phi Island but all the pubs were already packed with handsome and lovely holidaymakers chatting away with mugs of beer in their hands. Nearly everywhere I turned to, macho-built and some with a few packs abs (no kiddin'), handsome Mat Sallehs strided by. We thought "We should have stayed at Phi Phi Island!"

Ooh La LA! Ya get what I mean?!

Less than an hour at the island, we have to rush back to the jetty to board our ferry back to Patong Beach. So, the conclusion we made from the one day tour we purchased - NOT worth it! 1st, it was drizzling. 2nd, we boarded a big ferry with a whole bunch of people PLUS their luggages who were going to stay in Phi Phi Island. After dropping them, we were then driven out to the sea to do some snorkelling before returning to Phi Phi Island for the free lunch. 3rd, the ferry was air-conditioned so after our snorkelling, we were left freezing cold. 4th, lunch was not great.

snorkelling at Phi Phi Island

We still enjoyed the dip in the sea though

Oh well, not all was bad. Back at Patong Beach, we decided to do what a girl should do in Thailand with a bunch of girls. Hey, not only guys can do that. DUH! Cherrian Chu passed 'cos she was not feeling well. So, the 3 of us walked over to the Red Light District to find the street lined up with many sexy Lady-Boys openly promoting The Ping Pong Show. I've never been to any of these Ping Pong Shows before so OF COURSE we have to see what was it all about. So, the 3 of us simply went up to one of the clubs, sat down, bought a bottle of beer for RM80.00 each (ouch) and waited to see what was coming. Let's just say it was quite an eye opener and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to participate in one of their many performances. Hello, not dirty one okay??

Sexy lady boysss

The busy night life in Phuket
A night walk around Patong Beach was relaxing and soothing, with the cool sea breeze blowing constantly to our faces. We came across an interesting inn which I would like to stay in during my next visit to Phuket - The Bangphu Inn. Its decor is old-fashionedly inspired and instantly, I felt I've entered into a time machine and started re-living my childhood memories. Especially if you were raised up in a Kampung. I did. If you do not mind being fanned by the natural breeze (there's no air-conditioning in the lobby but I've checked with the owner, there is in the rooms) whilst reading your paper in solitude or having a good chat at the small lobby/living room with nothing much but a couch, a couple of armchairs and a dining table, this place might appeal to you. It cost no more than RM80.00 per night.

The Bangphu Inn

A trip to Thailand will never be complete without ...

1.   TOM YAM of course!!! I think we nearly had tom yam in every meal; AND

2.   MASSAGE lah!!! An hour of Thai massage cost only RM20.00. Where to get this in Malaysia???

Oh, I love Phuket.

Tom Yam Kung with LOVE
And again
AND again


jasmine said...

sounds like a good trip leh... and yes, bangphu inn also on my list!! Haha.

Larina said...

Yep! It would have been better if there was no rain!! I would definitely visit Phuket again ^0^

Larina said...

FYI, I'm going to Phuket again next year! A hens trip this time. We are going to throw the bride-to-be a wild wild hens night! :P