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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The experience with F1 racing

Our tickets to the Grand Prix
Friday (at work @ office)

I was given 2 tickets to watch the Grand Prix the coming Sunday by one of my firm's partner, MPY (It's quite a norm to call the people in our firm by their initials). First thought - Should I take it? Yeah, the tickets are free but I'm not an F1 fan anyway. Before I could decide, our dear MPY added some persuasions to my thought. According to her, it's not just about the F1 racing, there are other interesting things to watch- carnivals, bazaars - and according to MPY, I should get a feel of it if I haven't attended the Grand Prix before. AND SO, I happily accepted the tickets.

Saturday (at work @ Cyberjaya)

My next thought - Who should I bring to watch the Grand Prix with me? I didn't really entertain this thought until the clock struck pass midnight on Saturday night, leaving me less than 10 hours before the gate opens to the Grand Prix. OK, I went straight to my "back-up", my dear Bobo. (She knows she's the back-up, LOL! because she won't want to go with me if she has the choice)
Our chain of whassap messages sounds like this:-
Me to Bo:- "Bo, tmr we go see F1 ok. Maybe ard 10am. Buzz u tmr."
Bo to me:- "Wahhhhhhhhh..serious worrrrrr...Alot of fb ppl's feedback said sunburn lerrrrrrrr. So scare."
Me to Bo: "Aikss so u dun wan go?"
Bo to me: "Do I hv a choice??" 
Hahaha.. Poor bo..I know she loves me so she will go and she really doesn't have a choice then. :P

Sunday (the day of the Grand Prix)

Our mutual agreement - What we termed as "look look see see"(LLSS); if it's boring we will leave and head for a good meal.
We have difficulty looking for the right place to park my car. The right place for us would be the main entrance where we can execute our LLSS and decide whether we will stay till the race or otherwise. We ended up parking at our designated parking space, according to our tickets at C1. Cost of parking RM50.00 nett. 

The mandatory RM50.00 parking ticket (unless we decided to park by the highway, brave the heat and walk towards the entrance gate which I was pretty sure that it'll take at least 45 minutes to reach)

the mandatory 
selves-taking picture
Our seats (in actual fact, we do not have seats) were on the hill WITHOUT shelter. I presume that the tickets in our section are the cheapest given the seats we have and the no-shelter element.
The carnivals or bazaars represented by MPY are nowhere to be seen at C1. According to my colleague who joined us awhile later, the carnivals were at the main entrance and there's nothing much to see anyway. Haha So much of our hope to see something else other than the race itself.

Our lunch which cost RM25.00

We haven't had our brunch yet as we thought there would be a variety of food on sale at the carnivals/bazaars. Turned out, the only food we can choose from were either burger OR sausage OR chicken drumlets OR a couple other, all packed in a container and cost RM25.00 each + a free soft drink. I personally don't think it's accurate to state that the soft drink is free looking at the price charged for the food!

We didn't stay till the race due to:-
1. Our LLSS has been executed AND we had got a feel of the whole Grand Prix atmosphere;
2. Bo had an engagement later in the evening so I would need to send her home;
3. It was going to rain then (considering we do not have shelter and more importantly due to the fact that we are not an F1 fan, I don't think we would be willing to stay and get soaked in the rain to watch the race); and
4. We watched the trial race (10 laps) so it's similar to watching the race!

Spot the blue tent

Here comes the Vrooooooooooom sound!

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