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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pimm my Night

Tonight I'm in the mood to fix myself a glass of the Pimm's which has been sitting at my home for as long as I can remember!
Here goes:-

Cut a few slices of fresh lemon

Add loads of ice and throw in the lemon slices

I could have mixed lemonade with the Pimm's which will taste so much tastier but again, I'm out of lemonade and I can't be bothered to fix the lemonade first at that point of time SO my own shortcut:- mix it with loads of ice and add the lemon slices. Ta-dah~

My own improvisation: Add some grapes!

I could have added apples, strawberries or oranges but I'm out, so grapes will do =)

Pimm's, a tasty and effective beverage to quench your thirst

My first taste of Pimm's was during my Uni days at the UK. If my memory serves me right, it was at dear Jazmyn's Paul Kent kitchen! Where she cooked for us and "PIMM-ed" us!

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