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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ben's Place & Palate Palette

After my church session on a care-free Saturday, I met Jazmyn for a long indebted catchin'-up session. We decided to be adventurous. Find a good cafe in KL to have "high tea".

It was already 5-ish by the time we reached KL. Jazmyn suggested Harrods @ KLCC. [I didn't even know there's Harrods in KLCC at that point of time. I must have been hiding inside my turtle shell @ PJ for too long] I thought it was not a bad idea since I haven't gone to Harrods when I was in UK. Unfortunately, the high tea session was over. 

OK, so I thought, "Let's do the high tea thing some other time. We need proper FOOD now!"

Here's our pick:-

Jaz's order: Seafood spaghetti. Her verdict: not salty enough
I ordered Mushroom Burger but the kitchen served me Mushroom Ciabatta instead. My verdict: Not too bad, apart from feeling very "green" at my last few bites

Lemongrass & Ginger Tea, soothing
Me, munchin' on my "greeny" lunch

Dessert is a must, Mixed Berries Crumble Tart

 Followed by a chillax-ing night at..

Palate Palette

Wedges with tobiko mayo. Delish!

Iced Mocha, with Hersheys choc. Sinful but satisfying

the artsy paintings on the wall

Palate Palette reminds me of Reflections @ Bangkok. Very artistic. Very cosy.

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