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Friday, March 25, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes

After indulging in a cuppa Caramel Cappuccino at The Loaf on a lazy Tuesday, the clock struck 7.30 pm. And I was supposed to rush off for my Yoga class at 8.00 pm. Then I thought to myself. "Here I am at Empire Mall and I haven't walked a mall since CNY, oh what the heck, just a walk won't kill right? I can re-schedule my Yoga class anyway."

AND SO I walked and I felt the excitement bubbling inside me. That's crazy! The excitement ONLY GIRLS will feel (ok, I can't speak for ALL the girls but for the majority at least) walking pass the shops beaming at us; especially those with RED signboards of "SALE" or "FURTHER MARKDOWN". How can I feel so right when it's so wrong? LOL!

I entered Charles & Keith, aaahhh....shoes Shoes SHOES!! I've been holding myself too long, I thought to myself. I felt like a child in a candy shop wanting to try every candy I see!
Then I spotted a lovely pair of stiletto heels. Just like that, I turned to the shop attendant, pointed at the heels and gushed "Can I have a size 6 pleaaaase?" (I swear I did drag the word please when I spoke)
I loved them..! But they came in 2 colours, which one should I take? Okay, let's try the pair in the other colour. AND I loved them too..!

I think there was a point of time that the shop attendant and I were staring at each other in silence; for a few seconds perhaps. I presumed the question in his head at that moment would be "Which one would she buy?" and the question in MY head at that moment was "Can I take both?" My heart answered in the affirmative. I have NO IDEA what my head would answer and I don't think I would want to listen to my head at that point of time.

Then, I spotted ANOTHER pair. I thought I was having a dejavu (the feeling of experiencing something that has happened but am uncertain about) but I was not. I was ACTUALLY doing it AND repeating it. I bought the other pair in TWO colours as well.
At the payout counter, I can only think "Alright, don't judge me, people. I am contributing to your sales after all." =P

Back at home, I opened my shoes cabinet, looked at my collection and gushed again. Oh babies, welcome your new members.
My Shoe-Collection


Angie said...

goshhhh so many pair of shoes!!! but i love the fact that they are so nicely arranged n attached with pic on each box !!!

Larina said...

Yeshh i love my shoes! this shows how organised I am! LOL!

Ka Ming said...

Lar! FY told me you have a blog. Never knew you are a blogger!
Look at those shoesss..they HURT my eyes !!!

Larina said...

Carrrr!! Thanxxx for reading my blog!! Ya, I have a blog! LOL. Hurts your eyes right those shoes! :P

Lin Lin said...

La, I'm impressed with the way how you store your shoes. I wish I can do the samething with mine. But think about it, if I don;t take good care of my shoes, it will soon "worn off" then I have a good excuse to buy more again and have more rooms for new ones :p

Larina said...

LOL! Lin Lin, that's a good reason you have there to justify your shoes purchases! :P