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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Hour Session at Sid's Pub

Guinness says it all
"One pint of Guinness puhlezzz?" That's my order as soon as I landed my butt on the bench. I just wanted a gulp of the cold drink after a looooong night. Ning and KP were at Sid's Pub since what..7pm? My initial plan was to have a good "happy hour" session with them but when I was a no show at 10pm, Ning called and threatened that they will call it a night if I don't show up anytime soon! Ok, it's my bad for the "late show" but I have good reasons for that! Here's a brief chronology of events:-

6pm: Legitimate time to leave office but still checking on the SPAs ( I have a good 30 SPAs to check at that time)
7pm: The time when Ning and KP were happily gulping down their drinks, I'm still at office checking the SPAs.
8pm: Still. No dinner yet.
9pm: Tummy growling, muscle tensing, forehead frowning- still checking. Lucky me, my exploding emotions were subsided by a warm dinner delivery from Ipoh! Salted chicken! Still warm at hand. Appreciate it to the max!
9.30pm: Work completed! Planning to rush home and share my dinner with sis (have been swallowing my saliva since God knows what time) ONLY to realise neither me nor 2 of my clerks have the office keys!!! (at the verge of pulling my hair at that point of time).
9.40pm: Desperate call made to our chambering student to bring over the keys for us.
10pm: The arrival of our chambering student.
10.10pm: Office successfully locked.
10.20pm: Reached home and chomped down dinner.
10.40pm: Sped to Sid's Pub
11pm: Please refer to the opening of this post.

Well, i do believe I have legitimate reasons being late right? Minus the fact that the delay was partly due to us assuming each other have the office keys when none of us have!

That night was good. Sid's Pub is cosy with warm lighting, and Guinness in happy hour price all night long, what more can you ask? And surprisingly, I was complimented for drinking Guinness by a table of gentlemen sitting across! Apparently, I amazed them. There must be an unexplainable correlation between a girl drinking Guinness and the attraction she transmitted by the doing so. LOL! And what more can I say, one of them is awfully cute.

Look at us all smiles with Guinness =P

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