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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Run, Turtle, Run!!

I did it. 

Yes, I have a nickname called Turtle. But, No, I didn't live up to its name.

I participated in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 and completed it.

the categories

the sweating and panting 10km runners

Oookay, I ran the 5km fun run so it's no biggie to many but to me, it's a good start! It's my first time afterall yoh!

The morning sun on a Sunday morning

That's the reason why I was amazed by those who ran the 42km run. Yes, 42km! When I saw the signboard, I was like "Holy mackerel, how'd they do it?!"

No kiddin'!

To rewind back to the night before my run, I was out with Cherrien (one of the runners) celebrating Catherine (also one of the runner)'s birthday. We told ourselves that we should be in our beds by midnight in order to recharge our bodies for the run but we were still sipping our cocktails at EurAsia past midnight! 

So, we did have a pretty hard time dragging our arses up in the morning and for the record, I am definitely NOT a morning person, let alone a morning athlete. A few major roads including Jalan Parlimen in KL were closed for the Marathon so it was indeed a HUGE thing. Dataran Merdeka was the start-off point - we did reach slightly later than the time we were supposed to reach due to the closure of roads and the silliness planning of us to reach there.

Running in the middle of the road in KL, it's sumthin' sumthin', aye?
the "creatures" who happily posed for me when I ran by

Despite my knees getting rubbery and wobbly during the run, I did enjoy it. In fact, I had the occasional occurrence of goosebumps during the run. Reason? Hmm..beats me. I guess it must be the running with a cause kind of feeling that overwhelmed me and triggered the goosebumps. LOL! Okay, we went there for the fun-Lah but there were runners who really ran for a cause and some ran for charity, if you know what I mean. And not to mention the bliss of running in the bright daylight in the heart of KL, without cars, halo?!

                  Runners rule this time!

Running to the finishing line
Yay! We completed it!
We queued up for a good 20 minutes to collect our goodie bags where sweaty skin met sweaty skin. Ok, gross, I know. In anticipation of what's inside the bag, there's only a banana and a can of 100 plus. I was like "Hey, I friggin' ran for just a banana?!" LOL!

Our award! ^0^
goofing around with our goodie

the mandatory group photo

AND now, I have to prepare myself for my [2nd] marathon next month... [*gulps*] Stay tuned..

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