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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Craft-TEE Mode

My friends were actually amazed with me. 

I signed up for a Craft Party thrown by Murni (the lovely blogger/craft maker whom I've just known and whom I have been "stalking" - not in a freaky way Murni, so don't be alarmed okay? ;P) and I actually woke up early on a Saturday morning to this Craft Party. It was held at one of the lovely places that I've always loved - Wondermilk!

One of the lovely walls at Wondermilk

The Craft Buffet!

A variety of delicacies to choose from

let's get down to some serious work!

I loveeee the "craft buffet" Murni prepared for us. I felt like I was having a real buffet - no idea of what to eat because of the overwhelming variety and hence having the urge of tasting everything!

Our assignment was to re-design/re-model/re-create our old TEE which we brought along. Dear Murni has already suggested to us to check out the videos in YouTube for inspirations but naughty me has not done my homework! So, I brought my old TEE with not the slightest idea of what to do with it!

My original old TEE
ALrighty, let's collar-away!
Added some lace ruffles by "copy-cating" one of Murni's sample TEEs

The design inspired by one of the designers, Lynette, who graciously taught me how to do it
And with some pulling and tangling
Ta-dah! The finished re-modelled TEE
Not too shabby huh? Haha
And after further modification back at me home ^0^

I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you my dear Murni for throwing this Craft Party! I'm awaiting for your next event! Pleaasseeee reserve a spot for me when you do!
Me and Yours Truly, the Lovely Murni =)

The 2 awards to be voted upon-
Congrats to Lynette and Shelby!
Yeah, it is, in't it?

I love Wondermilk's cupcakes!


jasmine said...

sounds like you had a great time, gal! and i love what you did with the tee...

Angie said...

Great now that u spent time doing what u like ! Nice tee there ! :)

Larina said...

Haha yeahh! I'm glad I joined the craft party. Now, let's see what other old TEEs I have to modify back at home :P