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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Letterpress in Malaysia

OMG OMG..!! Letterpress in Malaysia ........ (Really) ?!!

I was consumed with excitement when my friend, Jasmine handed me a namecard (which she scouted from Aku Cafe during one of her many cafe-hunts) with the name The Alphabet Press (TAP) letterpress printed on it. (For those who don't know me, I have this weird liking for letterpress cards. Do refer to my post at http://larinaw.blogspot.com/2012/10/love-letterpress-by-larina.html)

So, I was like I have to meet them!! I immediately logged into their website http://thealphabetpress.com (not much info from their website yet but please be assured, I'm sure they are working on it to provide much more details and pictures of the awesome cards they are going to print!) I emailed them for details particularly if they are conducting any workshops or offering any internships. Very prompt reply from them I must say - workshops are definitely on their plate. Sigh, can't wait. The only workshop I attended was one conducted by the Gentlemen Press from Singapore.

I became TAP's stalker overnight (not sure if they've noticed, lol) - I signed up for their newsletter and became their Instagram and Facebook follower. I don't think they are in Twitter yet.. Lol. I finally got to meet the team when I ordered a few of their lovely letterpress printed Chinese New Year cards. Lucky me, their studio is in Petaling Jaya and I was more than happy to collect the cards myself! 

My impression of a letterpress studio - old, ancient, papers flying everywhere, ink stain all over the place. You think so too? NOPE. Not for TAP's studio. Totally the opposite. It is clean, organised and oh so modern :) Please contact TAP if you wish to have some personal and unique letterpress cards specially custom designed and printed for you. 

Trust me, they ain't like any other ordinary cards.

A few of the productions by TAP 

The friendly Zeejay and Cliff,
generously sharing the stories behind the birth of TAP 

Us and the giant letterpress machine

A shot of the charming men at work

Not to forget Helios from the team
who is in charge of taking awesome pictures for TAP
Such pretty Chinese New Year letterpress cards
designed and printed by TAP!
Who are the lucky recipients? xoxo 

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