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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kuala Lumpur City Tour

Never had I ever thought that I would ride a bicycle in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre. You see, there's a very automatic reaction that transmits from the brain once I heard the word KL city.. - resentful, irritable, grumpy, you name it .. ALL because of the tireless traffic jam! So, it's an extremely rare occasion for me to drive my car to KL city let alone drive a bicycle! Malaysian drivers are (erm..) generally not very friendly - I still value my life.

Besides, I always have the impression that cycling is a leisure activity which is supposed to be carried only in a park. A park under extremely pleasant weather (emphasis added) - Spring in Australia or Britian perhaps? :D
From what I can recall, I cycled a handful of times during high school around my neighbourhood. My brother was bitten by a dog when we were walking around the neighbourhood during our primary school times. And when I got barked at and chased by dogs (not the friendly cuddly mongrels) back then, okay that's it. Bye bye cycling. 

I recently started cycling with a bunch of my good friends. Started as a leisure activity around Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), a pretty good place for a freshie like me I must say - just rent a bicycle and return it once you are done. Hassle-free. After a few FIRM sessions, my cyclist friends (all gung-ho ones) tried to convince me to buy a bicycle so that I could join them out-of-FRIM. And well.. yup, I was convinced. But also thanks to TJ who wanted to sell his bicycle after he bought a better one, I got to own a bicycle at a minimum cost. Very costly LEH to play this kind of sports.. I'm now the owner of his Trinx a.k.a Monster. Speaking of which, I haven't paid him even though I have taken over possession of his bicycle. Lol!

And so, I braced KL city with my Monster and I'm glad I came back in one piece. Pheww!

Trinx a.k.a Monster

When the sun rises..
The groupie checking on the bikes before the ride -
Check out the poser Samantha a.k.a Sexy Sham (SS)
Looking good right ??
Cyclists have to follow the road rules too - stop at RED

That's Yun Shyan behind me

That's SS, TJ and Leonard
Leo, Lee and YS so stylo yo!
Selfie at the slope of Thean Hou Temple
Leo doing a "Merlion"

You wanna know what's a Merlion? Erm.. check out the image below. I learnt 'bout it on this day itself. Lesson learnt - don't eat or drink nescafe before you ride! Hahahaha

(Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Pit stop at Thean Hou Temple -
SS KO also - "Merlioness nescafe" LOL!
Me and Lee - we made it to the top of Thean Hou Temple!
The Monster
Leo KO
TJ so gaya kan
TJ and SS
Pit stop
Part of KL city

Heading to Petaling Street
Chinese New Year mood
Okay, now we can eat!
Groupie shot 1
Groupie shot 2
Cute bouquets
Colorful bouquets
And the city tour continues
Lee who frightened an aunty with this look LOL!
Pit stop before heading to Bird Park
Pit stop at Padang Merbok

Nice view at Padang Merbok
Selfie with SS
Another Merlioness spot for SS :D

Passing by Dataran Merdeka
Railway Station
Railway Station
Another kopi ais stop before we ended our city tour
Lee cutting out his carpet for me to place the Monster

Mesti mau cuci dan lap cantik cantik Haha~

Fully loaded and ready to go home!

It was one fun ride! Now, I'll need a pair of gloves, sunnies, helmet, water bottle, pouch ... :>

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