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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The thought of turning 28

I wish . . .

I decided to lay low. 

That was my response when my buddies asked me how will I celebrate my birthday this year. Really. I was lazy or in a way ..*gulps*.. tired to plan for my birthday celebration this year. I played the cynical card. You know.. the "Aiyah.. celebrate what lah.. nothing special lah.. birthday comes every year wuttt".

So, on the 11th day of July 2011, I found the perfect companion. One whom I can manipulate into doing the things that I want to do, eating the food that I want to eat and you know...well.. just manipulate. That person would of course be my baby sister, Vivian.

Guess what I wanted for my birthday dinner. A ridiculous feast on DURIANS. Yes, that's correct. Just durians and nothing else. So, the 2 of us drove to the durian corner at SS2 and ordered 3 kilograms weight of "mao san wong" durians. That's absurd right? LOL :P Well, Vivian gave up after only half way in finishing the durians whilst I downed the rest silly. She asked me what I wanted to do after that. I just said I wanna go home. (Well, we had durians! I don't think it'll be a good idea to catch a movie or do anything in the public with a huge risk of burping durians right to the person beside you, right?)
my birthday dinner ^0^

And so we head home. That's how I spent my birthday, I thought to myself. Not too bad, I'm still celebrating it with a person I love dearly and I had already indulged in my favourite treat.

Back at home. Little did I know.... to my total astonishment, a bunch of crazy people sprang out from my room and screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY!!!" I haven't got the time to digest, I think I was stunned for a moment.

When I finally got myself together, I realised all my buddies were there to give me a surprise. My room was decorated with lovely balloons and I had a tiramisu cake specially ordered by Vivian from Su Chan.
lovely balloons floating in my room!
delicious tiramisu cake frm Su Chan coupled with cupcakes from Wondermilk!
time to make a wish!
What can I say, I'm extremely lucky to have a bunch of good friends who cared enough to hide inside my room in the dark to give me that surprise. And not to mention my undying love for my baby Vivian who planned this surprise party for me.
Vivi Boo
Mabel, Chris, Lipsu, Ah boy, Adel, Ning, Catherine, Cherrien, KP and Keesu (although you were not physically there), thank you! I love you guys!!

the most unexpected guest for the night, Keesu
Lipsu and Mabel, my hometown buddies
the 4 pretties
the gang who gave me the surprise! Love you guys!

I think this is also the time that I should thank the Lord for the blessings that He has showered me all this while. I admit that there are times where I tend to wish for so many things but forget to be grateful for the things that I am blessed with. And so, here it goes.

Dear my Father in Heaven, I am grateful for:-

1. my loving family who never fails to give me the love and support that I need.
2. the good friends that I have, adding flavours of different spices to my life.
3. the lovely home that I dwell under.
4. being able to wake up everyday and see the sun and sleep every night knowing that Your guardian angels are watching over me.
5. the feet to walk through my journey of life.
6. the coffee that I can smell and savour every morning.
7. the failures that I encounter so that I can learn from them.
8. the hardships that I face so that I can learn to have the strength to pick myself back up and become a stronger person.
9. having the faith to what I believe in.

   Thank you again, Lord.

I want my wish!

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