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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Lovely Lunch at Fat Spoon

The entrance to Fat Spoon
The mixed and matched chairs
I have not been catching up with my friend, Jazmyn for quite so time so I initiated a lunch meetup on 15-11-2010. She suggested a restaurant in Uptown called Fat Spoon. An interesting find by her, again. It is very retro, with interesting designs and I spent a good 10 minutes gazing at every detail in the restaurant. All the tables and chairs are not of the same designs and colours. The bathroom is quite interesting as well, sheets of old comic magazines are pasted around the walls, you could actually have a read while "doing your business" :P Even the tap in the washing basin is an eye opener.

The Menu

The menu was the 1st thing that amazed me actually. It is pasted on Peter and Jane story books!! Aahh.. reminiscence of my primary school days. Jaz started with a cuppa of Flat White and bread and butter pudding.
As for the main courses, we ordered Nyonya Curry Chicken (RM8.90) and Fried Chicken with Thai Chilli..something (I can't remember the exact name haha). Fat Spoon offers its special dishes every other day so you would not be able to taste the food under the special menu on a particular day. According to Jaz, the lamb stew she had the other day was quite good but it was not on the menu today.

We had a good catchup. I ordered a cuppa of Latte to end our lovely evening. Jaz loves the coffee there and I agree with her. Though the food is not superbly delicious but it is considered good given the price is reasonable. PLUS the cosy and retro-come-back feeling I get there, I give it a thumbs up!

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