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Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodies from Europe

My personalised swiss army knife

My dearest SIS, Bernie (that's the nickname I gave her) a.k.a the newly-wed bride has just returned from her Europe honeymoon with her husband, Sid (that's the nickname VIV gave him). It was lovely to listen to her journey and I wish to tour Europe some day.. This is how their journey goes : KL - London - Paris - Venice - Florence - Milan - Rome - Switzerland - London - KL. There are two postcards from them when I checked my mailbox today!! I have always loved the traditional way of correspondence and I still am! Though I just read the messages on the postcards now when they are already physically back to Malaysia, probably whining down at their cosy new home in One B at this moment, I still find it meaningful.

As for my souvenirs, I received a LongChamp bag from Paris; Lindt chocolates (Lindor: 4 flavours with an irresistably smooth filling; once I bit it, the filling in the centre just spilt out...awwww....I'm melting inside. It's totally worth it although I may need to work out more to burn them away :P) and a Swiss Army Knife from Switzerland! 

I bought one Swiss Army Knife in year 2004 with my name engraved on it when I went skiing with my college mates in Switzerland but the prawn-head me, recklessly placed my knife in my handcarry bag when i was travelling to Japan and was confiscated at the Japan Airport! Sobssss...I was practically close to tears when I saw it being dumped into a transparent container with all the other species of blades then. But luckily my dear Bernie bought me another one with my name engraved on it too. Thankss!!

I really do wish to tour Europe.. the feeling was even more overwhelmed after listening to the stories my CLP mate Irene, encountered during her 1-month backpacking trip in Europe.

This is one brave lady, backpacking alone to more than 10 countries in Europe! I salute her!

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