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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A date with Derek T

Okay, I may be a jewellery lover but I'd never thought of making a jewellery on my own. So, this was my 1st attempt.

For RM99.00, Jasmine and I signed up for this Groupon promo on one session of silversmithing workshop with Derek T. Our project was to make a pendant or a ring to bring home! Yayy~ We decided to make a ring.

Frankly, we had no idea at all what we were going to do when we made our way to Derek T Creative Studio at Plaza Damas. Before the start of our project, Derek gave us a brief intro on the process of silversmithing and the tools that we were going to use. After the introduction, well, still no idea. LOL! I guess we needed the practical touch.

Reading the notes that were distributed to us before the start of the class. Yeah, we knew what we were reading. AS IF
The project room with all the tools and equipment
the samples for us to follow
1st, cut 2 rods of silver and bend them slightly to create a curve
Derek, teaching us what to do
place the 2 rods with their ends touching each other and burn baby, burn!
the ends of the rods were nicely connected after that
Then, create the design that you desire. okay, I tried to be innovative. I decided to do a ring with my initials - LW
twist o' twist; bend o' bend
okay, that's the best I can come out with (of cos' with a li'l help from Derek :P)
LOL! Look at Jaz trying to place the bubbles in her ring
that's Jaz's half-way work with the sample that she's following
after another session of burning, sand away the dust and unwanted bumps
hammering time! Hammered the ring to come out with the round shape
and after a nice 5 minutes polish in the polishing machine, ta-dah! Our creations!
 Cool huh? ^0^
Derek T provides not only silversmithing classes but also other interesting classes including bead jewellery making, beaded lamp making and Italian lampworking. 

Well, don't put your creative hands to waste y'all! Do check out his website at www.derektgallery.com

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