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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The heart of KL City

The lights of Kuala Lumpur (KL) city would never seem to die down. 

I used to relate KL to only one thing. Traffic Jam. And more traffic jam. I'm a Petaling Jaya (PJ) girl at heart (having said that, my heart still lies with my li'l hometown, Sandakan which I shall always love to bits irregardless of whether I'll ever be going back to settle down) so the thought of driving to KL seems a pain in the arse to me. I mean it. A real pain. 

Henceforth, ever since I started my college in 2001 till landing a job up until this year, I have never stayed in KL city nor have I ever loved the idea of travelling down to KL city. I would never choose to work in KL city unless I have a fantabulous offer which is too ridiculous to refuse OR unless I own a nice, cosy studio apartment in the heart of KL city without having the need to travel for at least an hour to reach my workplace, both ideas of which of course still remain a dream as at today.

I think I started to pivot from my old perception of KL city starting this year. I told myself, "There must be something to love about KL city. Ok, ignore the traffic jam. Surely, there must be something."
One thing for sure. The busy night life in KL is something I definitely can't get in PJ. A drive around KL city does amazes me (again, ignore the traffic jam), the endless lights, the pubs and clubs bustling with a mixture of people having a good time. Although I have no complaints staying in the serenity hub of PJ, I do enjoy the occasional party-ing like madwomen and dancing throughout the night with my girlfriends.

One night, out of spontaneousness, I asked my dear Martian (I named him so as I think our acquaintance was out of the ordinary I-meet-a-new-friend-from-someone-I-know kind of situation. It was like he dropped to Earth one night from Mars and stumbled upon me, the human inkling) if he could bring me for dinner + drinks at Sky Bar. I told him I've never been to Sky Bar, Luna Bar or whatever bar that has a view of the KL city or with a swimming pool in the middle of it. That's how people who've been there described them. I think I've gotten responses like "Wut? You mean you've never been to Sky Bar or Luna Bar? (mouth slightly ajar as if in disbelief)" SO of course, he said yes.

the swimming pool in the middle of Sky Bar, Traders Hotel

I don't think a dip in the pool is allowed at this hour

It was a Monday night so we didn't book a table in advance. Hello, it's Monday? Of course there would be loads of seats. THAT'S what we thought. Turned out, it was full house! Mostly expatriates. So, we waited at the bar table with a bottle of red. Indeed, there's a swimming pool in the middle of the Bar with a row of cushioned seats by the one side and a row of high table seats on the other side. We were seated at the high table seats initially but we were eye-ing for the cushioned seats 'coz we would be able to get a good view of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) from there. Finally, we got 'em.

Our view at the standing bar table while waiting for a seat

That's our view after we got our nice, cosy cushioned seat!
Well, I can't deny that I did Ooh and Aah looking at KLCC. It was quite a view from where we were seated. The lights were breathtaking.

The night was fabulous - great view, good company and with a bottle of red. Now that my Martian has flown back to Mars, I would have to venture KL city on my own or at least with my lovely fellow human inklings.


jasmine said...

oh we all know that the martian changed your perception of many things :P what about your dear friend here who has brought you around discovering other artsy fartsy places in kl? lol... jk.

but don't worry, loads of other peeps out there will be lining up to go discover places with you ;)

Larina said...

LOL! My friend who always brings me to the artsy fartsy places in KL is always named/featured in my blog, don't u realise? Hahaha